28.6.2018 08:00 - 29.6.2018 18:00 Cape Town, South Africa (Exact location to be forwarded closer to the date)

Exciting News!

Amfori BSCI will be offering a unique two day course for producers in the wine industry! They now wish to know how many Wineries/Coops and/or Cellar employees wish to be offered such a tailored course.

Why would this be an investment of your time?

This course is exclusive and will be customized to your industry.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

1. Internally audit your company and sub-suppliers, based on the amfori BSCI methodology.
2. Provide guidance on solutions that will help sub-suppliers/grape growers in having better management and health and safety systems and eventually pass audits.
3. Provide added value for your company and sub-suppliers, by assisting them in third party audits.
4. You will know how to assess if your company is indeed sourcing in the most ethically responsible manner.

Requirements to participate this free training:

1. Participants should be fully employed at a Winery,Cellar(s) and/or Coop(s) and work with Compliance, Health and Safety, Internal Auditing, Quality management and/or Sustainable Sourcing.
2. The identified participant you wish to register, should be the person that will be the best in sharing this knowledge with farm management, workers and trade unions, at your own farms or at sub-suppliers.
3. Attending tailored webinar sessions once a month, offered by amfori BSCI, before the training in June 2018.
4. Attending a two-day training session in June 2018, where amfori BSCI will be travelling to Cape Town. This training will be in English, free for selected participants.
5. Your company should commit to allowing your internal auditors to assist on farm level, at least at of 10% of sub-suppliers or more per year, to ensure that farmers gain the help they need, before amfori BSCI audits.

Maximum number of attendees from each Winery/Cellar/Coop: 2

Location: Cape Town, South Africa. Exact location to be forwarded closer to the date.
Date: 28-29th June 2018
Time: 08.00-18.00

Course Learning Objectives:


• How to prepare for an audit
• Purpose of the amfori BSCI social compliance management system
• Responsibilities of an internal audit
• Audit communication and reporting
• Audit techniques and assessment to amfori BSCI code of conduct


• Undertaking the role of an auditor to plan an audit and prepare relevant work documents
• Undertaking the role of an auditor to conduct an effective audit interviews
• Understanding the information gathered in the context of the audit criteria
• Evaluate satisfactory evidence gathered


The expenses for this course will be covered by amfori BSCI, on the request of the amfori BSCI members, and this is a once off offer and tailored course.

Hotel and transport will be at your own expense.

Are you interested in attending such training? If so, submit your application by filling out the required information.

Last date for expressing your interest: 29.04.2018

Amfori BSCI will inform you by the 05.05.2018 if you have been selected for the Internal Auditing Course for Wine Producers on the 28-29th June 2018.

Once you have been selected to attend, you are obligated to attend the online and onsite sessions. More information will be provided by amfori BSCI.

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Event time

28.6.2018 08:00
29.6.2018 18:00

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Event location

Cape Town, South Africa (Exact location to be forwarded closer to the date)